Night 13 – Nxai – Last night camping

Last night camping

The last night of camping in the bush I put the bush tucker supper, a magnificent stew, in the iron pot over the fire to slow cook and then took the Landy for one last time back to the watering hole. I sat and watched the ellies drinking, joined again by the beautiful and graceful giraffes. The Ellies came incredibly close to our vehicle this time, walking straight past us to get to the water.

The next morning packed up, threw away anything not going to take home, and left Botswana’s National Parks, signing the exit book at the gate for the last time, and saying goodbye to the park wardens with a lot of interest from them in the fact we’d be flying on one of the big planes that they hear fly overhead. We shook their hands and went back down the spine-shattering bumpy road back to the main road to go to our final destination.

It was then we heard the quiet hum of our fridge come back to life.

“Why you little…..!!%!£!$!”


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